ASI products are all engineered in Canada and are a  global manufacturer with a commitment to quality, innovation, constant improvement and respect for the environment. They provide  SMART, SILENT, SMOOTH ELECTRIC SOLUTIONS.

They understand that THE WORLD WANTS CLEAN .Renewable energy. Eco-friendly. Reduced Emissions. Real world efficiencies.

They design their controllers for optimizing a riders  experience, providing a riders the ability to customize how their individual bike performs & based on environmental conditions and personal preference.

We have partnered with ASI to being their cutting edge electric Motor Controllers in reach of Australian users. Apart from using ASI controllers in our own builds we firmly believe ASI needs to better available  across Australian E.BIKE and EMoto high end builds. ASI’s technological eye for the future   means you will have the control for maximum efficiency and accuracy, with the latest Field Oriented Controls and proprietary sensor algorithms, for up to 99% of rated motor torque, at 0 RPM.