Custom Work

Why Xtreme…?

Xtremely fast. Xtremely good. Xtremely well tested!


We are passionate and enthusiastic ebike builders.You ride them hard and break them – we fix them.

Busted shock
Sheared off bar
Cracked frame
Cooked motor

We mod bikes. Want more poweeer, more distance, more reliability. Or just want to stand out from the crowd. We got you covered.

Surron road bike full treatment
Intense Tazer works
Modded up plate
Modded up battery
Modded MTB belt pulley

Contact us for any work you need for pricing, ideas and availability.

Back into it!!

Was keen to get back into a Moto, having had 30 years away from them. Talked to EBMX and then tested a Road Registered  modded Surron Light Bee.

Wow… I booked  in for my L’s and bought one a day later.  What a blast to ride and I  Commute on this little beast of a Super Motard -EMoto most days now.  Winter is cold but bring on spring. 😊

Seriously these guys have the best ideas and a wonderful end product.. it’s just so quiet and smooth and punchy… just love it. Thanks EBMX.

A. Truscott

Extreme Beast

Just wanted to say I went to bush and guy had a New Stealth B52 bomber and was talking crap how his bike would smash my little fighter as his was new and best of best.


I left him in dust and was never close. I am still loving it….

Dallas T