EBMX Project – Sur-Ron Xtreme 🙂

Ok… Let’s face it – the ‘Ron’ is a nice little bike for the money. A solid E-Moto and maybe the best ever to come out of  China so far …but it’s a bit on the small side and under-powered compared to the extra KW’s that the Ron motor can actually handle.  Note that we are not a SurRon dealer – we cannot sell you a new SurRon.  BUT… we can buy you a used one and mod it for you OR… If you already own a Sur-Ron Moto &  want more out of it? Want Xtreme Power ?.. &  don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts to achieve that?

Some of the Simple Recommendations we make to SurRon owners from our own experience  are:

Stem extenders for taller riders and Riser Bars – Deity make a nice riser bar right up to a massive  80mm.  Deity Highside 760 Alloy Bars – Black – 31.8mm – 50mm or 80mm Rise – 760mm in length – we have the 50mm on our own test bikes.

XT brake pads for the stock std SurRon brakes.  We find the Shimano H03C Ice Tech MTB Brake Pads work best and slot straight onto the Ron calipers. These brakes  are fine for the speeds you get from standard stock set up but the brake pads are weak and can make the  brakes squeak.

Ditch those ebrakes, they create real problems and can immobilise the bike. On the new version the wiring runs under the headlight and on the old is behind the ignition.

Foot Pegs.  Wow! These make a big difference. Ditch those narrow unsafe stock pegs and go with some sensible better gripping CNC ones. We like the red. 😊

These are much more stable than the stock pegs –                                           careful with the circlip when you take it off to change the pegs out … it can fly away ☹

Introducing the EBMX SurRon Xtremely Comfortable Seat.

If you are a taller rider – or spend a long time in the saddle on your  SurRon or ride the bike on the Road –  we suggest that upgrading your Seat is one of the very best mods you can make to your Ron.  At EBMX we sell a quality seat ( see the pictures below – the quality speaks for itself) that bolts straight onto the existing seat frame and uses the same bolts ( swapping the seat out is a simple procedure). We  reuse the SurRon seat  pan that has been completely remodeled. It’s now Xtremely plush, wider &  more comfortable. This  will now by design make the bike around 2 inches higher for your riding height and will you sit around 2 inches further back from the front of the bike – which is  a better distance for reach and  handling your Ron –  for average to taller riders. You can keep your old seat and it bolts straight back on if you ever want to change back.

The difference in size  here equates to change to  a more comfortable riding position 😊

The EBMX Seat is Xtremely Comfortable and looks great on all Sur-Rons

At $400 + GST it’s an excellent investment for anyone over 175cm.

Seats come in black but can be made to order in other colours for an extra fee –  feel free to contact us for that pricing and  details.

SurRon Controllers.

Whilst the X version of the Ron controller has made the bike a little better and a smoother power delivery than original controller – The 60v Ron battery can be woken up by changing controllers. 2 popular controllers are the ASI BAC series 200, 400 and 800 & The Thermo Nucular Controller 6F, 12F and 24F.

We recently installed a 24F Nucular into our EBMX test SurRon and were delighted  to report that it really woke the bike up with the stock std battery and running some more amps through this controller ( note that you are limited to 92A, or the BMS will trip ) provided approx. a 15-20% increase in torque and in top speed. Note that with Nucular ( made in Russia) is a top bit of gear… but it is a significant investment ( not cheap) and currently there is a wait time for orders to be fulfilled. We have  a good contact with the  boys at Nucluar and can  assist you with ordering –  should you choose to go that way.  Be aware you also need to order their on-board computer ( display) and the SurRon special connectors to make the job of installation  easier. Swapping out the controllers and getting the Tuning setup right  is not necessary an easy job and you need to know what you are doing to achieve the best result.

Click here to watch BrunoPOWEEER talk Nucular

Below is a list of things   ( photos are also shown) needed to  changeover controllers correctly and have the bike operating at maximum efficiency.

  • Making sure the current SurRon sensors are not affected by 24fet. changeover and importantly keeping the safety kickstand sensor operative which has a tilt safety sensor enabled which disables throttle/motor power for optimum safety.
  • Waterproofing consideration on non-used connectors and covering the top of headlights.
  • Custom aluminium plate (or similar) to mount the controller and also protect the throttle and 12v DC-DC converter.
  • Getting the new controller electrical wiring installation right with Surron.
  • Nucular motor controller: motor tuning, speedo tuning – careful with wheel diameter settings ☹
  • Keeping the two speed/power modes: Normal and Sport mode.
  • Optional – Regen braking.    See below – Battery is out: Swapping out Controllers is not simple,  despite plug and play wires supplied by Nucular.

Custom made aluminium plate to mount the controller.

Testing the Lights and Indicators are  working independent of SurRon Controller

Waterproofing connectors is needed.

Mounting Display.

Completo…   😊

So…Do you really need to upgrade a new 72V Battery?

We note that some have opted for expensive 72V batteries to pair them with the 24F Nucluar or ASI BAC controller –Fantastic if you can afford it… but you are looking at a min spend of US$2K for that privilege. What we actually did was to arrange an experienced electric battery technician  to do a BMS bypass of the SurRon battery system and increase the amps (from the previous 90 max. before tripping of the BMS) – to  now 110amps. This is the sweet spot for the SurRon’s Panasonic cells    ( which is 10 amps per cell ) before they start to get very hot and hurt the cells.  You could go to 120amps but 110 is safer for the cells and does not  punish them and is in our opinion the  point  for best  trade off for  battery efficiency and Xtreme power.  This procedure is reversible  if it is performed in the correct  way ( for example if you ever wanted to sell the bike or battery as stock – then  it can be reversed). This Bypass costs only a fraction of what a  new 72V battery would be. You will find that now the SurRon has really boy oh boy –  woken up and runs continuous 6600 watts rather than its stock 4200 watts  and  peak bursts up to around 10,000 watts is now possible.  We found that another extra 15-20% of power was achieved again by this procedure and all up we now have a very different performing bike, quick off the mark and 100kph top speed possible depending on the riders weight and conditions. Not that we need to go that fast on a SurRon –really… do we? 😊

We also converted one our EBMX test SurRons to Super Motard – using a SurRon Supermoto Wheel set.

The wheels are now changed to 17 inch with road tyres and  42 tooth sprocket.  It’s a lot more fun and safer riding on the road than with those trail bike wheels and tyres, although albeit… a few more bumps. It looks great too ( see the pics below).

Super Motard Wheels on – roll on baby!

Back tyre is sized 3.25 inch- shortened chain is on and tensioned up too.

Difference in Wheel size 17 in vs 19 in

Smaller 42T sprocket can be seen.

EBMX would love to talk Xtreme modded SurRons with you,  so get in touch. All of the mods described here can be done and we can give you a quote for any parts or  work that you may want done that we can do.


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