Find an Ebike or Emoto Service

EBMX offers a find a bike and buyers agent service. Our initial discussion and contact with you are free of charge and obligation.Are you new to Ebikes or Emotos and don’t know where to start?  We can make suggestions as to what is the best bike for you.

Want top choices suited to your needs, professionally presented to you in an easy to follow manner?

Have you seen a picture or read about a particular bike that’s overseas and not available in the Aust and NZ market that you would like more info on,  or you think just have to have it? We understand.. we love that Xtreme too 😊.

We can import a particular high end or uniquely Xtreme bike or Emoto for you, from many places around the world and using our contacts and experience get an import certificate and get it through customs delivered to your door.

We can compare and contrast different models, negotiate best pricing with our experience and industry contacts and a little clout.

We can put the bike or Emoto together for you, tune or Mod it  if needed and required.  .

Interested in this find an E-bike or E-moto service, then  simply fill in a few quick  details below and we will be in contact.

Back into it!!

Was keen to get back into a Moto, having had 30 years away from them. Talked to EBMX and then tested a Road Registered  modded Surron Light Bee.

Wow… I booked  in for my L’s and bought one a day later.  What a blast to ride and I  Commute on this little beast of a Super Motard -EMoto most days now.  Winter is cold but bring on spring. 😊

Seriously these guys have the best ideas and a wonderful end product.. it’s just so quiet and smooth and punchy… just love it. Thanks EBMX.

A. Truscott

Extreme Beast

Just wanted to say I went to bush and guy had a New Stealth B52 bomber and was talking crap how his bike would smash my little fighter as his was new and best of best.


I left him in dust and was never close. I am still loving it….

Dallas T