Global Photo Competition

Global Photo Competition:

What is included in the Merch Pack:

The Merch Pack up for grabs contains a limited edition Ride Crew Shirt, an EBMX Hat and Keychain. 

How do you enter?

To enter the weekly competition for a Merchandise Pack, a participant must put up a post or story up on Instagram and Tag the EBMX Dealer and EBMX in that post or story.

This competition will commence from the 14th of June 2022 and it will run for 15 weeks.

The winners will be announced weekly, and will be judged by EBMX Management as the best photo. The photo must be of a Customer and/or another family member/friend, clearly showing the front or back of their EBMX T-Shirt. They may or may not want to include a photo of their bike in if they own a bike. The more EBMX stuff they show in the photo I.e. battery, controller, etc, the stronger their chance is of winning. Each customer that tags EBMX in, EBMX will repost/re-story that picture and also tag you in as an EBMX Dealer.

Each weekly winner will go into the running for the major prize of an EBMX Modded SurRon X complete with full EBMX Essential Kit and EBMX Decal with their own name and number on the Decal. 

Conditions to win the Weekly Competition:

The Customer must be following EBMX and the Dealer they bought the product off. 

If they do not Tag EBMX and they are not following EBMX on Instagram, they cannot be considered as a winner.

If they win, they must provide EBMX with a copy of the photo they entered, and authorise EBMX to use this photo in their promotional material and on their website. 

How does the Major Prize Work:

After all 15 winners have been announced, EBMX will post all of the winning photos into a highlight. Once these are up, the photo that gets the most likes, comments, reposts, etc after being live for one (1) week, will win the major prize. We will encourage people throughout that week to like, comment and share their favourite photo as much as possible.