Is Drill One better than a SurRon

Welcome Drill One to the EBMX stable

When EBMX first saw the Drill One Electric Moto we just knew we had to bring them to Australia & NZ. So Is Drill One better than a SurRon?

Built from the ground up by Czech Electric Motorcycles ( CZM) – in the  lightweight freeride E-Moto style, they are  currently available my pre-order  in 3 colours :

Graphite Grey, Aquamarine and Neon Yellow. ( other colours may be available by special order at extra cost.)

Is Drill One better than a SurRon also in Color Scheme? We thought the Yellow with the red motor ( per the picture) really stands out and when we showed some fellow E-Moto enthusiasts the Drill Design and spec sheet –  they were left salivating with a big Wow!! When can I ride and buy that?

EBMX think these may be the very best electric dirt bikes to ever find their way to Australia and should influence some of the hard core petrol moto crowd to give an electric trail bike a go!

Is Drill One better than a SurRon? At just 52kgs the power to weight ratio of these bikes  is equivalent to a 250cc trail bike and they are a taller build than a SurRon with the seat height 70mm higher… so more suited to normal sized trail bike riders  –  but a Surron is 90 mm longer – so the Drill One is actually a more compact E-Moto  and is even more nimble to throw around, yet still as light as a SurRon but with two to three times the power of a stock  SurRon. Anyone who owns or has ridden a Surron and has longed for more power  and better components … well  here  is it!PRE-ORDER NOW!

Pre-order now for October delivery with $1,000  refundable deposit.  Full price of bike is AUD$14,990

Is Drill One better than a SurRon – key Specs & Comments of Drill One:

The Drill One Motor is  built in the Czech Republic with integrated  internal cooling, top quality bearings and seals and is designed to be Xtremely powerful yet durable.  It also has a special designed motor axis with changable motor sprockets to allow a rider to dial in their preferred configuration for riding and change this quickly and easily on the spot with a simple tool.

Speeds of  up to 90 km/h Is this the reason that Drill One better than a SurRon– Power up to 15 kW – A Range up to 2.5 hours of riding – With Automatic and Adjustable Regeneration,  increasing the battery range.

Weight of the whole bike ( including the 13kg battery)  is only 52 kg –  with a high tensile hand welded Aluminium Frame design with mean looking oversized tubes, is  a definite feature of the bike. This is also a good answer for Is Drill One better than a SurRon?

Battery 2.25KWh Sony VTC6 3120 mAh –  Delivered by AkuEnergy – With Czech BMS and estimated 1000 charges in Battery Life. Charging time 3.5 hours from empty.

Front Fork Manitou Dorado Expert  200 mm This Is why Drill One better than a SurRon – ( this is $2K AUD Fork)

Rear Shock is  180 mm Elka ( Canadian co.) custom designed  for Drill One – with a shock bracket with different pivot points to  further adjust the bikes suspension setup and to change angle of riding and  can be set for best point for heavier and lighter riders.

Brakes are Dominion Hayes 4 Piston… these are EBMX all-time favourite brakes  for power but with better modulation and feel than Magura and Shimano Saints for example.

Why Is Drill One better than a SurRon? DRILL One is designed with a  SiliXcon controller with capability to switch between 3 engine performance modes (maps) while riding via a  button on the handlebar.

24 month Warranty – which is the longest in its class. 

We just love the adjustable Footpegs, changeable controller maps and quick change  motor sprockets  and  the adjustable rear shock pivot points. These unique Drill One features allow a rider to find best comfort and optimum position to suit a particular riding style and the terrain on the day.

Why Is Drill One better than a SurRon – The bike comes with two possible Wheel combinations: 70-100-19 front and 90-100-16 inch rear – which is the heavy duty option, or  the 26×2.6 MTB front wheel option with a 10-100-19 rear. A second wheel set including brake disk and sprockets is available to purchase for those who wish to have both wheel options

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