EBMX Partner Program

Would you like to secure your financial future?

Are you passionate about having a greener, cleaner world for your children?

There is immediate opportunity to get involved in a new high-tech market for high powered electric bikes and electric motorcycles.

EBMX is the Australian and NZ distributor for an exclusive range of high powered, top performing machines and ancillary products.

We are looking to partner with existing e-Bike, Bicycle or Motorcycle stores,  or even if you have no experience at all in these industries and are into your own business, we have an excellent franchise and collaborators model that you can tap into with our first strike advantage in this exciting new growth area.

We are looking to capitalise on the COVID-19 opportunity of getting people active and into Electric technology as many people have more disposable income to spend on leisure products.

EBMX is the future baby!

Please fill out the below form with information about yourself or call us on 1300 00 3269 and we will contact you to discuss this opportunity.