BAC8000 Controller Upgrade Kit for SurRon

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ASI BAC8000 Controller Setup and specially tuned for SurRon 14.5kw Power.

ASI plug and play Harness with custom made cable extensions to fit controller better on Frame.

Custom made Mounting brackets for the BAC8000.

BMS bypass lead supplied on request if you are still using a stock 60v battery.

EBMX Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any DIY Battery Bypasses or installations of our range of ASI and SurRon Modifications, although we supply all fixings and fitting instructions with our kits, we do not recommend that you install the equipment yourself.

Usage Warning:

These high powered controller kits are intended for off road riding using on/off throttle, not continuous throttle applications. Modifying e motos with these controllers and tunes make them illegal to ride on the road. After installing an aftermarket controller and getting a high powered tune, you are running the risk of damaging your motor. Even with our motor temperature protection enabled, it is still possible to damage your motor if you push the motor outside of its limits. To ensure you do not cause damage to your motor, follow the advice below:

  • Do not use wide open throttle for longer than 10-15 seconds. Do not do repeated full throttle runs. 
  • Do not consistently ride the bike in high power modes, only use the power mode you need at the time. 
  • Do not ride for long distances where you are on 3/4 or full throttle consistently for long periods of time.

If you need to use your bike for long rides using consistent throttle then you will need to significantly reduce the power level of the tune to ensure you can ride for stained periods without damage. Just for comparison, the stock bike in Sport mode running at full throttle is running at 5-6kW, after you put on a BAC8000 and high powered battery you will be pushing up to 15kW (3 times the power of the stock bike) and it cannot be expected for this not to take a toll on the motor. Please be mindful and smart when modifying and riding e motos.  

To ensure you have the safest and best riding experience when riding around wet areas, please ensure you follow the instructions below:


  1. Ensure your motor controller is mounted such that the control connection plugs are at the top of the controller.


  1. Use dielectric grease for each of your electrical connectors, especially the ones going into the motor controller. Dielectric grease is meant to be used to help keep out water, dirt and contaminates, it is not to be used to fill up connectors entirely. Please watch some YouTube videos on the proper way to use dielectric great on electrical connectors if you have any questions.


  1. Ensure the brake sensor plugs are disconnected from the bike harness. This can be done by cutting them at the brake levers, or just opening the ignition/USB charger cover and disconnecting the two plugs. Once an aftermarket controller is installed, these brake lever sensors will not work, however if water gets into the system and they are still connected, they are able to short circuit with other pins and cause unintended acceleration and other issues.


  1. Avoid riding in water wherever possible and do not use a hose or pressure washer anywhere near the motor controller when washing the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will installing this kit void my warranty?

Yes, installing this kit would (we suggest) void the warranty on your SurRon Light Bee Battery, if it is still under a warranty period.

What is the difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Upgrade Kits?

The key difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Power Upgrades is which battery you are using or going to use in your Light Bee. The Stage 1 Upgrade is designed to work with a BMS bypassed 60v SurRon Battery, and can work with either a BAC4000 or a BAC8000. The Stage 2 Upgrade is designed to work with either a 72v Battery or increased Ah 60v Battery.

What Kit should I get the BAC4000 or the BAC8000?

The BAC4000 is perfect for the 60v SurRon BMS Bypass upgrade. The BAC8000 Upgrade is specifically designed for people who plan to invest in a larger Battery, down the track, perhaps after your 60v battery sags. This means – that you do not have to upgrade your ASI controller again.

Can I install this kit myself?

You can purchase the kit without fitting and installation.

Will doing a bypass decrease the life of my battery?

Yes, this may decrease the life of your battery. It depends on a lot of factors exactly how much this will decrease the life of your battery, e.g. age and health of the battery before the bypass, correct maintenance and care for the battery after the bypass, etc.

How much power can I expect to get from this upgrade?

The Stage 1 tune is between 7.5kW and 8kW. This is a (75-90%) increase in power. With this upgrade you get significantly more torque and acceleration at the rear wheel, and your max top speed will depend on the rear sprocket size you are running (i.e. 42-64 teeth are possible)

The Stage 2 tune gives you approximately 14.5kW. This is a (175-300%) increase in power. With this upgrade you get almost twice as much torque and acceleration at the rear wheel as the stage 1 kit, and your max top speed will depend on the rear sprocket size you are running ( ie 42-64 teeth are possible)

I do not live near an SurRon Mod Shop Supplier can I still do the upgrade?

Although it may be significantly easier for us to do the installation work upgrade your Light bee. You can do the installation yourself we do provide detailed instructions. 


If you have any more questions, please contact us directly on 1300 00 3269 or message us through our website. 

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 21 × 7 cm

BAC8000 ($1,480)

Plug and Play SurRon Harness ($220)

Yes, No

Custom Mount for Controller ($75)

Yes, No

Custom Display ($275)

Yes, No

Custom High Power Programming for SurRon ($200)

Yes, No

1-Hour Remote Support ($165) (Only applicable if you are doing the BMS Bypass and Install yourself)

Yes, No