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CZECH ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES (CZEM) are focused on electro-mobility, through e-powered motorcycles and have been in operation for more than 5 years. They have developed their own unique power units, chassis and all-terrain bike design. 

Their current signature bike – Drill One – is assembled in the Czech Republic and is a game changer for Freeride moto Dirt E Bikes. With Czech innovation at its forefront, CZEM aims to design and manufacture a range of boutique E-motos that set a new standard for low impact off-road riding.

Recently tested by Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine (about to be published), the bikes are well suited to closed course sprint-track/MX style circuits with their punchy power delivery.

When EBMX first saw the Drill One Electric Moto - we just knew we had to bring them to Australia ( & NZ).

Built from the ground up by Czech Electric Motorcycles ( CZEM) – in a   lightweight freeride E-Moto style, they are  currently available exclusively in Australia and NZ  to EBMX and for you to pre-order.

Drill One comes in 3 appealing colours: Graphite Grey, Aquamarine and Neon Yellow. ( other colours may be available by special order at extra cost.) We thought the yellow with the red motor ( in  the picture) really stands out and when we showed some fellow E-Moto enthusiasts the Drill One design and spec sheet -  they were left salivating with a big Wow!! …When can I ride and buy that?
EBMX just love the adjustable Footpegs, changeable controller maps,  quick change  motor axis sprockets  and  the adjustable rear shock pivot points. These unique Drill One features allow a rider to find best comfort and optimum position to suit a particular riding style and any given  terrain on the day of a ride.
EBMX think these may be the very best electric dirt bikes to ever find their way to Australia and should influence some of the hard core petrol trail bike  crowd to give an electric trail bike a go! Anyone who owns or has ridden a Surron and has longed for more power  and better components … well  here  is it! Drill One.

Full price of bike is $15,250 and is available to pre-order now with a $1,100 refundable deposit.

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