EBMX Custom SurRon Light Bee Swing Arm



Key Product Info for the EBMX Custom Extended Swing Arm


Stock Swing Arm: 2.021kg

EBMX Custom Swing Arm: 2.304kg

So almost as light, does not add weight.


Stock Swing Arm: 465mm

EBMX Custom Swing Arm: 525mm

So 60 mil longer

Other Key Features:

* Reinforced construction, more ridged than the stock swing arm.

* Extra room for larger tires to fit (90/100-18 easily fits, 100/100-18 may require light trimming due to the chain line)

* The longer swing arm design keeps the front wheel down under hard acceleration and provides better stability at high speeds and when jumping.

* Bolt together design means you can replace parts and not the whole swing arm if they get damaged.

* Comes with complete 130L chain to fit all rear sprockets ( needs to be cut to your own sizing)  although you may like to source your own better quality chain.

EBMX Shock Spring Sizing Chart

This table is to be used for determining the correct spring rate for riders using the EBMX rear shock, linkage and triangle. There are two different configurations depending on if you are using the stock swing arm or the EBMX extended Swing arm.

When using the stock swing arm, EBMX shock, EBMX linkage and triangle the rear wheel travel is 205mm

When using the EBMX extended swing arm with EBMX shock, EBMX linkage and triangle the rear wheel travel is 220mm

Rider Weight Swing Arm Shock Linkage Triangle Suggested Spring Weight
65kg-75kg Stock EBMX EBMX EBMX 70nm
75kg-85kg Stock EBMX EBMX EBMX 80nm
85kg-95kg Stock EBMX EBMX EBMX 90nm
Over 95kg Stock EBMX EBMX EBMX 100nm
65kg-75kg EBMX EBMX EBMX EBMX 90nm
75kg-85kg EBMX EBMX EBMX EBMX 100nm
85kg-95kg EBMX EBMX EBMX EBMX 115nm
Over 95kg EBMX EBMX EBMX EBMX 115nm

Additional information

Weight 6.75 kg
Dimensions 74 × 30 × 22 cm