Michelin Heavy Duty Tubes 70/100-19




Safety Warning:

Store tubes in an area free of the following:

  • Sunlight;
  • Water or Moisture;
  • Gresse;
  • Solvent or Gasoline;
  • Heat;
  • Ozone (sparks from motors or other electric equipment may generate ozone).

Improper assembly of tire, tube and rim may result in the burst and injury. Follow this instruction for your safety.

  1. Use right size tube designated for each tyre size. Do not use cut, cracked or wrinkled tube or a tube with a deformed or cracked valve.
  2. Use a new tube when tire is replaced. Use a new rimtape when tube is replaced.
  3. Make sure rimtape is in place in center of inner rim surface and completely covering all spoke nipple heads.
  4. Inspect the inside of tyre not to have foreign materials.
  5. Use only proper tyre tools for assembly and disassembly. Otherwise, tire beads and tube may be damaged.
  6. Place tube valve into valve hole of rim and fit one side of tire onto rim. Gently tuck tube back into tyre.
  7. Starting from opposite side of vale, fit the other side of tyre into rim using proper tyre tools. Watch tube so that it is not pinched between tire bead and rim.
  8. Slightly inflate tube and inspect tyre to be evenly seated onto rim. If tyre is seated properly, put value nut and inflate tube up to the air pressure designated by motorcycle operation manual. Put valve cap on valve.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 17 × 10 cm