SurRon Light Bee Racing Chain Guide




Introducing the EBMX Racing Chain Guide!

Born out of necessity in the FIM E-Explorer World Cup, the EBMX Racing Chain Guide is designed eliminate chain derailments from your rear sprocket and safeguard against pinch points between the sprocket and chain.

The chain guide has been crafted exclusively for compatibility with the EBMX swing arm (for SurRon Light Bee) and with 58-tooth 420 sprockets. It is essential to note that its installation does necessitate some modification to the EBMX swing arm. However, the resulting benefits in terms of chain security makes the effort undoubtedly worthwhile.

Gear up for victory with the EBMX Racing Chain Guide – where cutting-edge design meets the rigors of championship racing, ensuring your chain stays in place and your focus remains unwavering. Dominate the track with a product that’s built by racers, for racers.

Only works with EBMX Swingarm and 58t sprocket

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 46 × 14 × 9 cm