If you are a taller rider – or spend a long time in the saddle on your SurRon or ride the bike on the Road – we suggest that upgrading your Seat is one of the very best mods you can make to your Ron.

At EBMX we sell a quality seat ( see the pictures below – the quality speaks for itself) that bolts straight onto the existing seat frame and uses the same bolts ( swapping the seat out is a simple procedure). We reuse the SurRon seat pan that has been completely remodeled.

You can keep your old seat and it bolts straight back on if you ever want to change back.
It’s now Xtremely plush, wider & more comfortable. This will now by design make the bike around 2 inches higher for your riding height and will you sit around 2 inches further back from the front of the bike , which is a better distance for reach and handling your bike.
The difference in size here equates to change to a more comfortable riding position

EBMX also make SurRon seats in cafe racer style and taller MX style for off road SurRon bikes. Contact us for full details and pricing.

SurRon 240mm Wide Plush Seat

$ 440.00