Ultra Bee 81v 73ah High Power Battery Kit



If you already own an Ultra Bee, or are thinking about buying one, this bundle is the very best way to upgrade the power on your Ultra Bee.  These batteries come with a two year warranty.

The Bundle Includes:

  • 73Ah 22s High Power Battery
  • 20A Charger*
  • Custom Molded Lid for Larger Battery

Please note: If you are intending on putting an X-9000 Controller on a Road Registerable Ultra Bee, your bike may no longer be compliant. Some of the features that make your Road Registerable Ultra Bee compliant may be lost.

*Please note, if you purchase an Ultra Bee  22S Battery  this is fitted with a 15A Plug (rather than a standard 10A plug). This is due to the charger needing to draw up to 11A. In order to use the charger, you will need a 15Amp outlet.

If you do not have a 15A outlet, you can get an adaptor from any Electrical Hardware Store or Online which will adapt your 10A outlet to 15A.

Please be aware, that while using this solution is effective there is a very low possibility (depending on the RCD’s or RCBO’s in your house, and the wiring you have), this charger could possibly trip your fuse breakers (as it is drawing slightly more than 10a).

If you specifically do not want the 15amp plug then please in notes let us know and we will custom fit a 10amp plug. This will mean you cannot have the fast charger and your battery will take around 7 hours from zero to 100%.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm