Project EBMX Stealth Xtreme

EBMX  have owned several Stealth Fighter E-Bikes in the past. Yes… We just  love Stealth Fighters. 

The Fighter Model (also known currently as the F37)  is smaller than a Stealth Bomber  and does not have gears but instead operates a two speed schlumpf that is clicked on and off, by the riders heel. The weight of the bike is around 10-15kg lighter ( so it weighs 40-45kgs) than the Bomber and presents itself as  a more nimble option for single track and trail riding. It  runs on 24×3 rims and tyres.


We decided to purchase an older  second hand Fighter  model and  heavily modify it to make it EBMX worthy.

The upgraded parts included:


Kelly Sinewave KLS7218S programmable controller which works extremely well with the Crystallite motors.  All stealth fighters are not built with Sinewave controllers so they are a little noisy with the square wave technology. This particular controller made this bike silent and deadly!

UFO Crystallite Motor with hubsinks and ferro fluid fitted ( this particular EBMX Fighter was the first Stealth Fighter in the world to have the new Bomber UFO motor fitted to it – in late 2018). The weight of this beast of a motor is around 10kgs and needs 162mm front axle drop outs.

Previously we had  ‘cooked’ the smaller Fighter 4080 motor with the increased battery voltage and amps…   but even running 120-150amps through the motor continuously on our Xtreme Stealth Fighter,  there has never been a problem and it will tackle and conquer any hill with ease and barely get hot with continuous hard riding with the UFO Motor. 

Rockshox Boxxer 200mm black Front forks –  RC 26″ Coil 200mm Maxle DH 20×110 Fork Black.

These are so much better for small bump feel than the original  DNM   Stealth Fighter forks and improved the bike out of sight for   technical descents and  rough off-road  riding. With the replacement front forks for the Fighter to fit you need  1/8th straight ( not tapered) steerer and it’s a 20mm front hub axle.

Upgraded 24AH 72 Volt Battery.. allowing   around 50-80ks coverage per full battery cycle and  depending on riding styles.

Added Eco  power button ( dialled in at  around 3000 watts)  for economy riding or when you need lower power. Also handy if someone new gets on the bike so they don’t flip it off the start… as the power is Extreme 😊


The frame was re-welded and reinforced as can be needed with putting this much power through a bicycle.

The Stealth  Anderson connectors and Plugs  all upgraded to larger ones so they don’t melt the wires from the extra power.

New improved  Regen button now on right hand side of bike next to throttle.


Start key ignition plug upgraded to be waterproof compliant IP67

List of other equipment on this Bike :

Magura MT 2 brakes.

Honda Expert Clamp-On Kick Stand Fitted.

RHK XS  hand guards mounted on to the bars.

New DNM coil shock RCP-2S, as we snapped the first one a RCL8 ( DNM) air type.

Richie comp seat post.

Serfas RX comfortable seat.


Duro Razorback tyres.

ODI Rogue Grips.

Hope Grip Doctor Bar end plugs- purple.

Race Face chester flat pedals – yellow.

Grandad SKS fat front fender.

Topek Rear Fender.

The end result was – the little Fighter  turned into a very special bike. With  better power to weight ratio than most 250cc trail bikes.

Running around 20KW of power at peak  it is approximately 3 times as powerful as the standard Stealth Fighter and twice as quick.

With 100kh top speed achieved and more to go… and 0-60kph in around 2.5 seconds it is super quick. It will beat most cars off the line .. but of course, it is best suited for off road riding  and as you would  ride a trail bike. But with pedals and a bicycle seat and no sound ( its completely silent not like a normal Stealth with square wave controllers)  imagine where you could actually ride it??

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