Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway

Xtreme Segway Clone

I know that a Segway is not an Ebike or Emoto.. but it has two wheels and goes Extremely  fast.. so it qualifies to be in the EBMX Blog and product suite Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway. So Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway

Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway

Hands up who has ridden a Segway? No not one of those little wheeled things like a balance board – a proper 21 inch off road Segway.. Fun right… yes!!  Maybe when we are holidays somewhere we  join in one of those tours and fork out our $100 per head (or more) to play follow the leader… well maybe not so fun doing that when all we want to do is tear up some road and dirt and hammer the thing.. but its still an experience right…

Well after doing several of these so-called Segway tours and off road adventures over the years with family on holidays we decided to look into getting our very own Segway. Ok well the price of the Segway brand off-road unit made us baulk – as it was over $15K.  So we started  investigating other options and Segway clones. China make Segway clones.. some are good and some are not so good based on our research … after many weeks of exhaustive research, reading the Segway forums (yes these exist Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway) talking on whats app and via email to 5 different Chinese companies and other retailers – we dipped our toe in the water handed over our hard earned and ordered the very best Chinese Clone Segway with a dual battery for longer use and rides that we could find. It was fun getting it through customs and some extra costs popped up we had not expected and an issue with asbestos sign offs etc (but that is a matter for details in another blog post called getting items through customs from China). In the end we forked out a moderate price of under $2kUSD for a sample order of a top of the range 2000W, 72V,  17.6ah double battery and only 3 weeks later to our EBMX door duly arrived our very own Chinese Clone Segway. Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway

After Mr. EBMX tested  the device (being the expert he is at riding a falling off things) including one very long 20k ride – partially off road  and up and down the steepest hills and finding the Segway to be sound  – we set the kids loose on it around the neighborhood.  Yeeha!

Pro’s or our Xtreme Segway:

A fraction of the price of a genuine Segway.

21 inch vacuum tyres and wheels will clear gutters and ride nicely on and off road.

150kg limit or rider

20kph top speed – which is surprisingly fast.

Large display screen

Two remotes.

Complete with lights and indicators Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway


Slight push back on speed limiter up steep hills.

No anti sway technology which is proprietary to Segway ( but no other Segway clones have feature this either). What it means is for a heavier adult care needs to be taken when  rapidly increasing and decreasing ride speeds,  as the  Segway Clone can start the ‘death’ sideways roll. At 95kgs I know this .. oooch Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway but other lighter adults and my 45-80kg kids have absolutely no issues ever with this happening.

Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway –The Verdict

After testing and riding this Xtreme Segway Clone  for almost 12 months now and punishing it  hard… it  really has been  an excellent purchase. It’s so much fun riding around our neighbourhood and for the occasional off-road ride. We set up obstacle courses in the back and front yard and  along the quite street we like in and take in turns to time each other across the course .. winner takes all ..  and usually it’s the 11-year-old pro rider who wins Should I buy a Chinese clone Segway. Some warning here that Xtreme Segway Clone when used by heavier adults ( the unit will take up to 150kgs) more care needs to be taken with very rapid deceleration we find – but the zero turn, large 21-inch wheels and its  ability to bunny hop over gutters and handle 2 foot  drop offs make this unit an excellent fun family purchase.

Yes,  Xtreme sell these. 

Click here for more info.

The possible range  with the double battery is 70ks. So unless you are running a tour business or riding Xtremely long distances on this – which may be unlikely and if you just want to have fun – then  we recommend to buy with the single battery 8.8Ah only and is plenty of juice for a couple of hours or more –  of Xtreme fun.  The weight and the overall cost – is also reduced with the single battery model.

Black, White, Blue, Yellow and Green are available as colors.

We have limited stock and a 3-4 week order time may be needed for your choices.  Testing on a demo model is available.

Pricing is $4,299AUD for a single Battery Unit it can be drop shipped to you,  or put together by our Xtreme team at no extra cost for your pick up at our Lake Macquarie Shop.

Weight of the Unit is approximately 50kg.

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