Should i import a Bomber Ebike from china

Should I Import a Bomber Ebike from China | Chinese Cloned – Bomber/Raptor E-bike

Importing cheaper  Chinese Ebikes can have its risks so Should i import a Bomber Ebike from china. We have done some Chinese Imports and Clone build ups in the past.  The key here is to understand that  there are both some good and reputable among  the many bad sellers on the Alibaba and Chinese market places. Your bike probably wont look as good as it is presented in the advertised pictures and may have flaws. This explains Should i import a Bomber Ebike from china or not. Be Xtremely careful with what you are buying and the specs, as often these can be confusing and conflict themselves.  Ensure you have a clear written email from the seller clarifying all the parts and so there are no nasty surprises when your bike arrives. We have experience in dealing with many Chinese Ebike and parts sellers and resellers… so feel free to contact us if we can assist.   Below is a bike we purchased quite cheaply from China and personalized it and altered its looks  and without spending big $$’s.

Basic Specs of our E-Bike:

  • EEB type 19 inch Steel frame
  • 48v 30.8 ah LG LiLon battery cells
  • 3000w + rated hub motor
  • Maximum speed: 80km/h
  • 7 speed shimano
  • 5 PAS
  • 26 inch wheels
  • 2.2 inch kendra tyres
  • Weight: 63kg

aimos 1

Bike came semi built in 3 boxes. First trip was an  interesting experience off road at 65Kg weight. 

Think about Problems and Fixes with the bike before import a Bomber Ebike from china:

Keep in mind before Import a Bomber Ebike from china that Cheap Chinese Zoom forks not good for off-road. Fine for basic on road use.

Heavy frame and  un-sprung back weight make it unsuitable for riding single trail – although we did a few times... 🙂

Added some extra bushings to suspension to stabilise the bike’s ride and ensure less movement of the bike shunting sideways.

Replace some cheap components to personalise and improve bike when Import Bomber Ebike from china

Scrap basic disks and Add Tectro 203mm Hydraulic Brakes front and 180mm in Rear

Saddle/Seat now a wicked red Race Face Aeffect Saddle

Replace grips  with Ergon Gp1 Grips

Replace pedals with Crank Bros Stamp Pedals large

                       Added mirrors and phone holder

Should i import a Bomber Ebike from china

Bike after initial work and changes

Should i import a Bomber Ebike from china

Should i import a Bomber Ebike from china

                          Stealth look  Carbon Fibre side panels

Should i import a Bomber Ebike from china

The Road Warrior…. complete.

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