The SEM MotoBike aims to merge two exciting disciplines and bring the world of MTB closer to enduro motorcycles , with independent management between pedalling and electric propulsion. A hybrid vehicle with the body of an MTB but the heart of a dirt bike and able to reach Moto type speeds of 60kph and  cross every path it encounters with zero emissions. This concept has brought the brand new Venom and Venom Evolution to the Australian  market with EBMX negotiation  the first SEM bikes into the country in August 2020.  Your every MTB off road ride can now be a Xtreme blast and a complete Adventure.


SEM models have  aggressive design and character and  are equipped with a  throttle and 4,000 W SEM Brushless Mid motor integrated in the frame. Pre set Motor mapping provides two power levels -2,000W and an Xtreme 4000W’s.

On both bikes the Samsung-made battery offers 910 kWh , capable of 50k range or more and dependant on your  route and the conditions of the terrain.

On the right side of the bike, there’s a Sram GX 11-speed mountain bike gearset. On the left side, there’s a chain drive straight back from the motor to the back wheel, thus neatly avoiding the tendency powerful mid-drive e-bikes can have of chewing out your chains and sprockets, this  motor does not  run through the gears.

The lower specced Venom  houses SUNTOUR RUX38 front fork and the SUNTOUR Tri-air 3CR shock, with MAGURA MT5 disc brakes. Whilst the  Venom Evolution offers unparalleled high end options with OHLINS DH38 Front Fork & OHLINS TTX 22 M  rear shock and running MAGURA MT7 disc brakes.


For more information on the bikes pricing and availability please contact us as the bikes will be extremely limited in numbers and very popular.


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