Xtreme Modding Sur-Ron

Ok… Let’s face it – the ‘Ron’ is a nice little bike for the money. A solid E-Moto and maybe the best ever to come out of  China so far …but it’s a bit on the small side and under-powered compared to the extra KW’s that the Ron motor can actually handle.  Note that we are not a SurRon dealer – we cannot sell you a new SurRon.  BUT… we can buy you a used one and mod it for you OR… If you already own a Sur-Ron Moto &  want more out of it? Want Xtreme Power ?.. &  don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts to achieve that

Need more power on my surRon

Back into it!!

Was keen to get back into a Moto, having had 30 years away from them. Talked to EBMX and then tested a Road Registered  modded Surron Light Bee.

Wow… I booked  in for my L’s and bought one a day later.  What a blast to ride and I  Commute on this little beast of a Super Motard -EMoto most days now.  Winter is cold but bring on spring. 😊

Seriously these guys have the best ideas and a wonderful end product.. it’s just so quiet and smooth and punchy… just love it. Thanks EBMX.

A. Truscott

Extreme Beast

Just wanted to say I went to bush and guy had a New Stealth B52 bomber and was talking crap how his bike would smash my little fighter as his was new and best of best.


I left him in dust and was never close. I am still loving it….

Dallas T