31.8mm MX Essential SurRon Light Bee Upgrade Kit

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1. 31.8mm MX Bars
2. Bash Guard
3. Long Rear Fender
4. Pro Taper Grips
5. Foot Peg and Brace Bundle
6. Shimano Brake Pads
7. EBMX Premium Rear Sprocket

EBMX MX High Rise Bars – 31.8mm

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Pro Taper Grips

Pro Bash Plate

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Long Rear Guard

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Premium Foot Pegs and Brace Bundle

Premium 58T Sprocket and Chain

Shimano Brake Pads × 2

Significant improvement in stopping power (wet and dry), built-in heat syncs for dissipating heat under heavy use and never the annoying noise issues. Please be aware, if you are replacing both the front and rear brake pads, you will need to buy two sets. If you are only planning to replace your front brake pads/rear brake pads (Not both) order one.

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This Key Starter Package Upgrades will enable you to get the best value out of your SurRon Lightbee. EBMX have done all the hard work here and picked the very best bolt on parts that increase performance, safety and rideability on your electric moto.

31.8mm MX Bars

In a World First, EBMX have engineered a high-rise MX Bar in a MTB size 31.8mm, instead of a 28.6mm MX setup. So now, these moto style bars will bolt straight on to your SurRon, Segway or Talaria without the need for a 31.8mm Moto Stem.
Race Spec Engine Guard

The stock motor guard is quite effective until you actually hit it with a log or rock and it deforms up against the motor. We have found that upgrading to our HDPE motor guard/skid plate is a great easy upgrade to do. The HDPE material is flexible enough to take hard hits without permanent deformation and is also slippery enough to assist with getting over large obstacles without getting caught.

Long Rear Fender

The rear fender stops a significant amount of Mud and Water ending up on the rider.. its optional in this package and an be swapped with a shock guard.

Pro Taper Grips Upgrade

The new grips replace the thin factory grips with pro taper grips that provide more comfort and better control.

Premium Foot Peg and Brace Bundle

Our new premium SurRon Lightbee Foot Peg and brace is available in Black, Red, Gold and Blue. These are the best upgraded foot pegs on the market, and provide all the grip and stability you need on your rides.

Please regularly check and tighten your foot pegs before you ride. If you lose your bolt, these are M4 x 10mm Countersunk Head Bolt.

Shimano Brake Upgrade Pack

The stock brakes on the Sur Ron’s are not bad, however the brake pads that come in them from the factory leave quite a lot to be desired. The stock pads have a tendency to squeal, squeak and loose power in wet conditions and under heavy use. We like to upgrade to top of the line Shimano Saint H03C brake pads. They provide a significant improvement in stopping power (wet and dry), have built in heat syncs for dissipating heat under heavy use and we never have annoying noise issues with them under any conditions.
Premium EBMX Rear Sprocket Upgrade

For off-road riding or for more torque, a upgrade works well. The stock sprocket is 48T. An upgrade will help get you more low end torque and quicker acceleration to help tackle those steep hill climbs .

We have 58T and 64T Sprockets available in both Silver and Black with a full O-Ring Chain cut to size so the upgrade is plug and play. Please note, unless you specify otherwise, this comes with a silver 58T Steel Sprocket as standard.1. 31.8mm MX Bars

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 77 × 26 × 18 cm
Pro taper Grips Colour

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Foot Peg and Brace Colour

Black, Blue, Red

Premium Rear Sprocket Size

58 Tooth

Premium Rear Sprocket Colour

Black, Silver

Pro Taper Grips


Black – Black, Black – Blue, Black – Red, Black – Orange

Premium Foot Pegs and Brace Bundle


Black, Blue, Gold, Red

Premium 58T Sprocket and Chain


Black, Silver