Technical Support

Technical Support

Register your Power Kit, Battery and/or Bike using our Warranty Form. If  you do not register your product your warranty will not apply. 

Some brief instructions and advice for when you first receive your battery

  • Please fully charge your battery before installing into your bike. 
  • Please review the Charger Manual.
  • Please install the battery clip that will come with your package and carefully place the new battery into the frame. It will fit, but it will be a tight squeeze. You do not need to force it. 
  • If you have purchased a 72v battery – only use this battery with the ASI Controller, it is not compatible with the Stock SurRon Controller. 
  • Please review the Battery Function Diagram

Power Kit Troubleshooting

Please note that EBMX strongly advise that power kits are installed by professionals at approved EBMX dealer. If you choose to install a power kit by yourself, you are fully acknowledging the risks you take (to yourself and the power kit/bike).  Failing to install a power kit correctly or preforming modifications to your bike yourself could result in damage to your power kit/bike or to yourself. EBMX and our dealer network take no responsibility for issues arising from self-installation of power kits. 

If issues arise with the self-installation of your power kit, you will be required to fully read this document and contact the EBMX dealer where you purchased your kit with the requested information provided on the inspection sheet at the end of this document. You will be charged a tech support fee of $125 USD and once paid, you will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for troubleshooting help.  Please note that if the issue with your bike turns out to be a manufacture error or issue, you will be fully refunded your payment.

Any Issues:

If you have any issues please fill out the below form, please note tech support costs $125.00 USD per hour. If it becomes a warranty claim, then this fee will be refunded to you.