72V 42 Ah Race Battery Coming Soon !! With a new look & even better power is our V2 EBMX High Powered Race Battery 28kW (Compatible with SurRon Light Bee Only)


Our new V2 high power Race Series SurRon LightBee Battery is a BEAST Power upgrade for your bike. This is Best of the Best!

It has a new look with injection molded Top and QS8 receptacle harness.

This is a 72v 42ah Battery capable of peak 28kW power (360a peak discharge for 51 seconds until cut off on mosfet temp protection. Voltage drop of 4.4 volts.)

15kW continuous at 200A discharge run for 4 minutes and 16 second continuous load until cut off on mosfet temp protection. Voltage drop of 2.8v.

This is a full plug and play kit that includes thicker wires and QS8 Connectors on the battery-side, custom made harness to replace the air switch.

Battery comes with an extended battery clip to enable it to fit into a SurRon Light Bee without seat extenders.

These batteries come with an EBMX  two year warranty.

Please note: We recommend to get the best operation power pairing this battery with the  EBMX X-9000 Controller. We cannot guarantee that this battery will be compatible with other third party controllers.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 30 cm