EBMX XUB-80 Motor, V2 X-9000 Ultra Bee Controller Kit, and 22S (81v) Ultra Bee Battery Bundle

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Please note that the Ultra Bee High Power Batteries are a Special Order product, they may not always be available in stock. Please contact us if interested.

EBMX XUB-80 SurRon Ultra Bee Motor

The EBMX XUB-80 Motor is a Plug and Play replacement for the OEM SurRon Ultra Bee Motor.


EBMX X-9000 Ultra Bee Power Kit

Ultra Bee 22S (81v 76ah) Version 4 High Power Battery

Ultra Bee 22S Battery Charger

Ultra Bee Battery Lid




Slightly bigger with an 80mm Stator thickness and more powerful than its little brother the XLB-60.

40KW rated & designed from the ground up to handle the heat, 180C rated windings with U42H magnets.

Custom IPM rotor design and industry leading 1mm rotor air gap revving out to rated 12000RPM.

Encoder based motor control for increased low end torque response and smooth predicable power delivery.

We built these motors to stay cool under race conditions to ensure you focus on your riding and not your motor temperatures. It doesn’t matter if you are on the track, street or local trail, if you want the best, then this motor is for you.

The EBMX motor range has been specifically designed to surpass the performance of other motors in their classes.

In contrast to many of our competitors who utilize hall sensors, we have opted to incorporate encoder sensors in our motors. This decision stems from the fact that encoder sensors demonstrate greater stability under demanding riding conditions. While hall sensors rely on estimated rotor positions, encoder sensors consistently provide precise angle measurements of the rotor’s position. Hall sensors are typically employed for tracking motor position during start-up and up to approximately 2000 rpm, after which the motor operates in a “sensorless” manner. However, during intense riding situations such as wheel spinning and sudden deceleration combined with rapid throttle adjustments, hall sensors angle detection can result in substantial current spikes in the controller. This can pose significant issues for many controllers, leading to tripping and loss of throttle power, although this is less prevalent in the X-9000.

Encoder sensors, on the other hand, are capable of tracking motor position at all speeds and do so more frequently than hall sensors. As a result they can deliver a smoother more responsive and controllable powerband and they do not generate the same type of current spikes that often cause controller issues. Furthermore, they contribute to improved low-end torque control and overall motor response.

EBMX motor have been custom built and are finely tuned to work with the EBMX X-9000 controller.


XUB-80 Motor (Ultra Bee)
VOLTAGE RANGE 48v – 104v
MOTOR CONFIGURATION 10 poles and 12 slots
WINDING TYPE Dual Y parallel connection
KV Value 85~90KV
Rated power Air cooled:
9,000W(Continuous run)
Water cooled:
11,000W(Continuous run)
Max Phase current 900A
Rated Phase current (Continuous run) 500A (35Nm)
Motor temperature 180 deg C windings
140 deg C start limiting
160 deg C power cut
Waterproofing IP67
Anti-corrosion Yes
Colors Black with Black End Cap
Black with Red End Cap
Black with Blue End Cap
Black with Gold End Cap
Black with Purple End Cap
Weight/Size Air cooled:
OD181.5mm*L138mm 13KG
Water cooled:
Warranty 2 Year

Our new motors have been engineered for performance enthusiasts and experienced riders in controlled environments. These motors are significantly faster than standard motors, and their extreme speed can pose serious risks if not handled with caution.


  1. NOT INTENDED FOR ROAD USE: EBMX Motors are NOT designed for use on public roads or crowded areas. These motors are strictly meant for off-road use and controlled environments only.
  2. EXPERIENCED RIDERS ONLY: These high-performance motors are recommended for experienced riders who possess the necessary skills and expertise to handle powerful machines. Novice riders are strongly advised against using our motors.
  3. USE WITH CAUTION: The enhanced speed and power of our motors require extreme care and attentiveness. Always exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings when operating our products.
  4. UPGRADE SAFETY EQUIPMENT: It is crucial to ensure that your bike is equipped with upgraded brakes and other safety features capable of handling the increased speed and power provided by our motors. Using the motor with stock brakes or inadequate safety measures may result in accidents and severe injuries.
  5. ADHERE TO LOCAL LAWS: Familiarize yourself with local regulations and laws pertaining to off-road vehicle usage in your area. Always ride within designated areas and private tracks that allow for safe operation.
  6. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN: Our motors are not toys, and they must be kept out of reach of children. Never allow minors or inexperienced individuals to operate these motors.
  7. RIDE RESPONSIBLY: Ensure that you are in a sound state of mind and not under the influence of any substances that could impair your judgment before operating the motor.

By purchasing and using EBMX Motors products, you acknowledge and understand the inherent risks associated with high-speed off-road motor use. EBMX shall not be liable for any injuries, accidents, damages, or losses incurred as a result of improper usage, negligence, or failure to adhere to this disclaimer.

Enjoy the thrill of our motors responsibly and with safety as your utmost priority.


This Version 2 X-9000 Ultra Bee Power Kit will contain all parts needed for an OEM Replacement with the X-9000, including custom harness and brackets. ( if you already have an X-9000 you will need to purchase the upgrade Kit brackets and harness only)

The EBMX X-9000 Power Kit  operated with the OEM Ultra Bee Battery will increase power on tap and take your ride to 17kW and 800 Phase Amps.

You can also choose to push the limits with the EBMX 80v Battery this tune will be maxed out at 29.5kW. Adding the XUB-80 Ultra Bee Motor to allow you to ride harder, longer and faster will also allow you to run up to 40kW.

Please note: If you are intending on putting this unit on a Road Registerable Ultra Bee, ( Expected in Australia May 24) your bike may no longer be compliant. Some of the features that make your bike compliant,  may be lost.

The X-9000 has been purpose built with dirt bike riders in mind.

EBMX Xtreme Electric Mods combine strenuous in-house R&D and collaborations with industry experts to bring you the ultimate Electric Motor Controller.

Using components sourced from reputable suppliers, each item has been engineered for peak performance, from the CNC machined internals and bus bars, injection moulded cover to the fully waterproof construction.

Whether you are trying to nail a wheelie, riding hard enduro, competing in a race series, commuting to work, or just cruising the trails with your family the X-9000 is built to give you ultimate freedom and control.

  • Custom EBMX App for tuning and full control (Available free in the App Store and Google Play Store)
    • Multiple power modes and full adjustment in each mode
    • Adjustable speed limits for different ride modes
    • Customizable dashboard to set the display up how you want
  • Built in and programmable DC/DC Converter with 4 programmable 12v outputs for running a coolant pump, headlights and other 12v accessories as required and controllable through the app.
  • Air-cooled heatsink as standard (comes in black, blue, red or gold). The option of a water-cooled heatsink for high powered builds is available.
  • Wiring harness connections are fully sealed and come straight out of the controller with fully waterproof IP67 rated connectors for the harnesses.
  • Brackets to mount to an Ultra Bee
  • SW102 (EggRider) Display included and custom firmware to allow monitoring of motor temp, controller temp along with all of the regular display info.
  • Can be setup with a smart phone for the display or to check info as desired
  • Super heavy-duty construction internally and externally to sustain hard riding and high-powered batteries and motors.

Tech Specs


Installation Video

If you already own an Ultra Bee, or are thinking about buying one, this bundle is the very best way to upgrade the power on your Ultra Bee.  These batteries come with a two year warranty

  • 76Ah 22s High Power Battery
  • 15A Charger*
  • Custom Moulded Lid for Larger Battery

Please note: If you are intending on putting an X-9000 Controller on a Road Registerable Ultra Bee, your bike may no longer be compliant. Some of the features that make your Road Registerable Ultra Bee compliant may be lost.

*Please note, if you purchase an Ultra Bee  22S Battery  this is fitted with a 15A Plug (rather than a standard 10A plug). This is due to the charger needing to draw up to 11A. In order to use the charger, you will need a 15Amp outlet.

If you do not have a 15A outlet, you can get an adaptor from any Electrical Hardware Store or Online which will adapt your 10A outlet to 15A.

Please be aware, that while using this solution is effective there is a very low possibility (depending on the RCD’s or RCBO’s in your house, and the wiring you have), this charger could possibly trip your fuse breakers (as it is drawing slightly more than 10a).

If you specifically do not want the 15amp plug then please in notes let us know and we will custom fit a 10amp plug. This will mean you cannot have the fast charger and your battery will take around 7 hours from zero to 100%.

Additional information

EBMX XUB-80 SurRon Ultra Bee Motor

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 26 cm


EBMX X-9000 Ultra Bee Power Kit

Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 30 cm
Heat Sink Colour

Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple

Ultra Bee 22S (81v 76ah) Version 4 High Power Battery

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Ultra Bee 22S Battery Charger

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 41 × 20 × 18 cm

Ultra Bee Battery Lid

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 16 cm